What we do

These are just a few of the services we offer.

-Themed Spaces          -3D Signs
-Murals                             -Character Design
-Props                               -Play Areas
-Floats                              -Traveling Exhibits
-Trade Show Booths   -Store Displays
-Stage Design                 -Faux Rocks and Trees
-Museum Exhibits         -Monument Signs
-Mannequins                   -Holiday Decor

-Models                              -Artifact Reproduction

-Creative Fabrication

We take on projects large or small, indoors or outdoors and make sure you are happy with the results.

Have an idea for a project contact us and let's talk.

Our Process





We start by listening to your ideas. Then we get to work making your ideas a reality. It starts with a drawing to give you a visual representation of what we want to do. Once you have approved the design and budget, we move to fabrication.





We will fabricate out of metal, wood, EPS foam, or any other material to make your project a success. We make durable safe pieces that will last and wow your clients.





Whether we are bringing a 3D product to your space or painting a mural on site, we will transform your space in a quick and clean manner. We will even work around your business operation hours so you can keep the doors open while the work happens.

You have Questions, we have answers



Q: Why should I go with a 3D piece?
A: Impact is a big reason to go 3D. Three-dimensional sculptures, signs, logos and product replicas simply attract more attention than flat graphics and digital images.

Q: How long does it take to create a prop or sculpture?
A: Because all our props and sculptures are custom, timing varies a lot. We'll give you a timeline after seeing your project specifications. We make every effort to deliver what you need on schedule, but if you have a tight deadline, rush charges may apply.

Q: Can I use my sculpture or 3D sign outside?
A: Yes. Everything we make is hard-coated for durability, and we may take extra steps to prep it for outdoor use. Let us know how your piece will be used and we'll custom fabricate it accordingly. 

Q: How much will my prop or sculpture cost?
A: There's no one-price-fits-all answer, as many variables go into estimating the cost of custom props and other three-dimensional pieces. Things like size, quantity, materials, quality level, complexity, deadlines, coating, painting and armature requirements are all factors. Contact us to get a free estimate.

Q: What if I need a whole themed environment designed and built?
A: Then stop reading and call us or email us.  We live to build scenic displays, themed spaces and custom designed exhibits – no matter how large or detailed. Providing turnkey themed environments, theme props and fabrication services is our thing.

Q: Do you sell ready-made props?
A: We're in the custom creative fabrication business, so most of our props, 3D signs and themed features are custom-made originals. We do, however, have a very limited number of props for sale that were rentals or made for a special purpose and never sold. Otherwise, let us know what you have in mind, including details like dimensions, how and where your 3D item will be used and your budget guidelines. We'll give you a custom price quote and go from there.

Q: What kinds of companies use custom theming and sculpture?
A: We've provided product replicas, sculpture and murals  for a wide range of businesses including trade show companies, entertainment venues, dental offices, museums, airports, theme parks and restaurants. Not everyone needs full-blown custom theming, but every company can benefit from a 3D sign, or a mural. 

Q: Can you ship really big items?
A: Everything can be shipped. If your custom prop or themed environment element is too large to fit in a truck, or flatbed trailer, we'll build it in sections so it can be reassembled on site.

Q: What's the best way to contact you about my project?
A: Call or email. This is the fastest way to reach us and allows us to get the information we need to give you an accurate price quote. If you can get us a sketch, photo, blueprint or other rendering of what you have in mind that helps. You can also use our estimate form to get things started. At a minimum, include your full name and phone number so we can contact you with questions.

Q: What do I need to provide to get started?
A: Get the details of your themed environment, prop, 3D sign or other custom item ready and call us  or send us an email. We need specifications like size, how and where the pieces will be used, deadline and budget. Send photos, drawings, blueprints and any other information you have to give us a better understanding of what you're looking for. The more you tell us, the faster and more accurate our estimate will be. There's no such thing as too much detail.

Q: Do you require a deposit before you start working?
A: Yes. We require at least 50% of the project cost up front.

Q: What if I need a really unusual three-dimensional piece?
A: Unusual custom pieces are what we do. 


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  • Have a project in mind. We need specifications like size, how and where the pieces will be used, deadline and budget. Send photos, drawings, blueprints and any other information you have to give us a better understanding of what you're looking for. 

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